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The great story of Western civilization, our core creeds, and the Judeo-Christian moral framework on which our societies were built are all under siege. At least three ideologies are pedaled as alternatives:

1.     Communism: This resurgent communism is cultural. It is firmly embedded in our core institutions. It is international in outlook, and breath-taking in its subversive ambition. And it again has traction among the young.

2.     Technocracy: The Technocratic Managerial Regime, as analyzed by N.S. Lyons, is ascendent in most every nation it seeks to dominate.

3.     Islamism: A radical and aggressively metastasizing version of Islam has consolidated its foothold here in the West. Through immigration, high birth rates, and through the establishment of an infrastructure called Dawa, Islamists entrench their ideology in Western lands.

A side effect (inadvertent or not) of these three ideologies is Anarchy. The senseless, spontaneous outburst of lawlessness in the West is not just the result of a feeble commitment to policing. This anarchy is a product of the subversion of the social order which made the West great.

My contributors and I draw on the works of others, providing thoughtful, in-depth analysis of what is broken in our societies. Most crucially, we seek to figure out ways of restoring what is broken.

I will also be talking, in a series of podcasts, to some of those happy warriors who identify the forces subverting our societies and enthusiastically tackle them.

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Decades ago, I escaped the Islamic world and came to the West. Many don't know how good the West is, or how fragile. I fight for the restoration of what made the West great.


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