This article is complete one-sided propaganda reflecting only our Military Industrial Complex perspective filtered though a literal Ukrainian partisan. Every American foreign policy expert from Kennan to Kissinger and beyond agreed that pushing any alliance to the Russian border would invite the exact response that has now occurred. And allowing Ukraine to attack Russian territory with American weapons is doubling down towards disaster. I’m very familiar with the Russian history of paranoia toward land invasion and visited Russia in 2004. Our lunatic leftists and neo-cons must have some hidden agenda to bait the Bear this baldly. I dissent.

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Ukrainian democracy has cancelled elections, taken over all TV news and outlawed opposition political parties (compare with American democracy in 1864 at the height of the Civil War, with Confederate armies led by Robert E Lee within 60 miles of DC).

The neo-Nazi leader of the Azov Movement, Andrei Biletsky, has resigned his seat in the Rada to take military command of it now that it has been absorbed into the Ukrainian army as the Third Assault Brigade. Asset to NATO?

Ukrainian recruiting has been so steeped in corruption that Zelensky fired all 51 regional directors. Speaking of corruption, the massive defensive lines ordered in late 2023 are still not built, although paid for, so Russia has advanced more in the last 5 weeks than Ukraine all of last year.

A much more rational analysis of the Russia Ukraine war from Big Serge, the finest military analyst I've ever read


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Thank you for this reporting and analysis. I disagree with much of it but appreciate the first-hand reporting and the arraying of arguments contrary to my own views.

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Ukraine cannot join NATO. The United States forces are currently overstretched and we are in no position to supply anything but token troops for the Ukrainian meat grinder. In addition our raw industrial capacity to mass produce key armaments like artillery and tanks, fighter jets, Drones , Missiles and air defense systems,,is insufficient to defeat Russia in a long term trench war in the middle of the Eurasian steppes. Put simply the military situation is hopeless and american mothers will not send their sons to die for a lost cause far away on the eastern front . If the Europeans are so afraid of the Russians let them start manufacturing bombs and missiles and drafting solders. America has no strategic treat from Russia, but we are threatened by China. Thus, we need Russian help to defend our strategic allies, Taiwan, S Korea , Japan, Australia, Singapore, India , the Arab gulf Monarchies, Egypt and Israel.,

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He is trying to be nice but those on the US right who are repeating Kremlin lines are downright shameful.

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