As with the transgender/transhumanist agenda there are powerful forces in the shadows funding this unrest. A dangerous propaganda is being spread that distinguishesJews from Zionists. Jews, the ones who are okay with walking into the ovens, are fine. Zionists, the ones who insist on having a Jewish state and fighting for it, are inhuman Nazi monsters, and therefore it's a righteous cause to exterminate them.

Either way, all Jews must die, either by submitting or by being murdered. This is how they have changed the narrative from saving Gaza to killing Jews. It's what we see on our most "revered" college campuses. Death to Jews. This indoctrination is happening to those who will one day be the leaders of our nation.

On Elon Musk's' "X" the hatred is beyond belief, the lies being spread like wildfire, each comment feeding the next. Truly horrific. I've been researching the non-profits and billionaires funding this and hopefully will have time to write about it. But if they are not stopped, it will continue.

REFLECTIONS FOR A SUNDAY: The Gates of Heaven & Hell https://open.substack.com/pub/khmezek/p/reflections-for-a-sunday-the-gates

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The fanatical inclinations of Islam combined with the Marxist ideology of violent class conflict between the oppressor class and the oppressed fuels a natural animosity towards the Jews.

The durability and truth of Torah and Sabbath hold the Jews together through the centuries (by faith). It is singular. Islam holds itself together by force and the lack of creativity and independent thought is the result.

The just shall live by faith. Islam and Marxism are incapable of cultivating independent/creative thought or enterprise. They exist to destroy the oppressor/infidel. Their hope is in destruction of others.

The Christian hopes in the forgiveness of sins. We hope in the the king of the Jews. INRI

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