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Once again, Ayaan takes on a difficult topic and clarifies it with magnificent precision and honesty. I am no specialist in these matters, but I have thought for a long time that there was something fetishistic about how trans-identifying biological males insist, sometimes aggressively or even threateningly, that they are women and have the right to be around other women and their body parts. Ayaan nailed this with her explanation of AGP. They may be a subset of the trans movement, but they are scary. Women’s and girls’ spaces need to be protected. Let’s hope that voices like Ayaan and J.K. Rowling prevail, the sooner the better.

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This is really kind, but I cannot take credit for the discovery! Lots of brave women (and men!) went before me.

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True, but your voice is important and is being heard more and more.

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"If you told me twenty years ago that the rise in genital mutilation in the West would not just be thanks to Islam, but to leftist “progressive” ideology, I would think you were utterly mad."

If you told me as recently as 2019 when I went to live in Luxor, Egypt and realized how they were going to mutilate the girls in the boxing class I had started (crazy idea) and then told me that back home in the United States, such mutilations of girls would come to be encouraged and even celebrated, I would have thought you were utterly mad.

It broke my heart what they were doing to girls in Egypt. I was ignorant of so many things before I went there. I really wanted to believe that Islam was the religion of peace. My family had escaped out of Egypt right before the 6 Day War and I never forgot the terror of that experience. My father, Dave Hunt, was a Christian author. As I grew older, I didn't want to believe that Islam was as destructive as he said it was. I went back to see what the truth was, and my father was right.

It's beyond evil that they are finding every way they can to destroy Christianity and turn it into something evil and somehow turn this very great evil into something good.

Thank you so much for your wisdom, Ayaan. I don't know if you are familiar with Jennifer Bilek but she has devoted her life to this topic and is really knowledgeable.


God Bless.

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Contrary to what Islamist’s have told the West, Islam is not a derivative of “peace.” Rather, it is a derivative of “submission.” When one converts to Islam, s/he will say: isteslemit (I have submitted.”

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Absolutely spot on and I speak from experience. As a youth I certainly had Autogynaphilliac tendencies. So much so that I became obsessed with playing the role of Dr Frank’n’Furter the transsexual antihero of The Rocky Horror Show. My obsession paid off when I won the role on the first U.K. tour of the show in 1979 and opened on my 21st birthday. I went on to play the role for 13 years around the world. However, after the initial kick of being dressed in ladies undies faded the costume became merely my ‘work clothes’ and the thrill was gone. Net stockings are very uncomfortable to wear and walking in heels precarious. Maybe I should start an AGP therapy centre! But seriously, thankyou Ayaan for yet another brilliant insight. We need you now more than ever…

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Ayaan, thank you so much. You have eloquently and clearly expressed what I think and feel about trans ideology. I have not felt this threatened as a woman since I was in the Middle East 50+ years ago. Trans ideology reeks of misogyny. I see absolutely no difference between parental consent to Female Genital Mutilation and parental consent to double mastectomy for a 12 yo girl. I don’t care about consent of doctors, parents, and/or child. And in the US, FGM is against the law, regardless of parental consent and physicians’ approval. How does the mutilation of breasts, removal of penis, and/or mutilation of clitoris to create a non-functioning penis legal for children? The Be-Kind brigade champions this irreversible damage as bravery.

Trans ideology erases Woman. I thought we were erased under Islamist regimes when covered from head to toe in niqabs, as worn by our sisters in Afghanistan. But it seems the West now has its turn to erase Woman from: sports, beauty pageants, scholarships for women, sports, spaces reserved for only women. Even the National Organisation of Women currently states trans women are women.

I am incredulous that anyone can uphold trans ideology. Do they know, or even care, that they are in alignment with Iranian Islamist regime that loathes homosexuality so much it pays for mutilating trans surgeries? Basically, Iran transes the gay out of its homosexual citizens so it can claim Iran has no gay people.

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