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I'm a Conservative Jew, but much of the underpinnings of Rupert Shortt's essay resonate with me: the heart has its reasons; an encounter with the depths of experience; numinous moments, places, experiences. Anyone who has had numinous experiences, or experienced that which cannot simply be explained by factoids, knows that they have touched something profoundly important, moving and life-changing. Even if they can't explain it to their atheist friends (I don't even try). And but a moment of contemplating the origins of the universe should produce a deep sense of awe and mystery. Even simply sitting in a traditional church or synagogue and hearing the soaring majesty of the music should be enough to stir the soul of anyone who is listening. Rupert and I may be of different faiths, but the link we share is to something greater than ourselves that binds us all together, whether we will it or no.

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